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Is Natural Bar Soap Worth It?

Consumers today have many options for buying soap or cleaning Bars. This article talks about the reasons of choosing Natural bar soap vs. what you may typically find in your grocery or pharmacy store.

There are a few primary reasons that one may choose to buy Natural Soap vs.


Leaves your skin looking & feeling clean.

Natural soap is highly effective as it uses long chain fatty acid salts like other cleaning products. When you lather up your soap and scrub your body these soap molecules will aggregate and wrap around dirt, oil and bacteria found on the skin forming what is known as a micelles. When you rinse off your body with water, these micelles (along with all the dirt trapped inside) will wash off your body making you feel clean and refreshed.


No more post shower itchy skin!

Natural bar soap like Pure Rush Soap converts plant based oils (fats) into soap. The basic formula is Vegetable Oil Fat + Lye = Glycerol + Fatty Acid Salts (Soap). This reaction is called saponification and it is the process of turning fatty oils into soap! A major benefit of using natural soap like Pure Rush Soap that all the Glycerol (also known as Glycerin) is retained in each bar of our soap! Glycerol is a humectant and it is excellent a moisturizing your skin. It does this by attracting water to the top layer of your skin from the air or lower levels of your skin.

No Harsh Chemicals or Ingredients

Say good by to corrosive, harmful and irritating ingredients.

Unlike most large soap manufacturers, Pure Rush Soaps use simple natural & organic ingredients. This means no harsh chemicals, artificial ingredients or synthetic dyes are used. Additionally these natural bar soaps can be more environmentally friendly because they consume less energy to product

This is quite different from more common cleaning bars found in pharmacies & grocery stores. These products are often made with a range of synthetic ingredients and chemicals (e.g. Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Sodium Isethionate). The reason companies use chemical based ingredients is because they are effective cleaners, easily scalable and cheap to use. This combination of benefits allows companies to sell Bar soap cheaply and still make a good profit.

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