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Earth's Favorite 
All-Natural Soap

Great for you  &
our Planet

A portion of profits go to keeping our planet clean

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Ultimate Quality
Bar Soap

Your skin & senses will thank you!


Relax & Focus Your Mind

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to improve health, destress the mind and boost ones mood.  

Pure Rush Soap uses 100% real essential oils to create an Aromatherapy experience like no other.  Create your own personal spa that will prepare your mind & body for what 's next in your day!

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Long Lasting

Up to 3x more showers per Bar

Pure Rush soap saves you money by packing in more showers per bar vs. other natural soap brands!

Our Master Soap Makers have been working on this formula for over 27 years!  Our proprietary cold manufacturing process results in a natural soap bar that fits perfectly in your hand & lasts longer vs. other brands

Nourish your skin like no other

Naturally Cleans & Moisturizes

Nothing Artificial Ever!!!

Big brand store soaps actually removes moisturizers during the soap making process to package them separately as lotions...

Pure Rush's is different!  Our manufacturing process retains all natural produced moisturizers.   This means your skin feels  clean, moisturized & nourished at the end of each shower!

Ultimate Quality
All Natural Soap

Plant based ingredients

Pure Rush Ingredients Organic Base Oils

Organic Base oils

Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Pure Rush soap is derived from 100% plant-based ingredients. That means no synthetic or petroleum ingredients ever! 

Pure Rush only uses simple & organic ingredients with each bar containing 6 - 9 ingredients you can trust

We use 100% All Natural essential oils to create amazing scents and aromatherapy you will love to experience

Pure Rush Made in USA